Trimove – Futuristic Concept

Trimove is a Futuristic Concept that doesn’t look like ordinary motorbikes.
It uses electromechanical technology which helps any complex movement in any part of body or wheel.
Because of the three wheels placed in a triangular shape, it keeps the balance when it doesn’t move.
The bike has 2 LCD that let the drivers have full information about the speed, battery life, time.

Most three 3-wheelers combine the worst of motorcycles & cars: no leaning into corners, exposure to the elements, & no lane splitting- but the narrow, tilting 3-wheeled TriMove has all the agility & aerodynamic styling you’d expect from a fierce motorbike. It’s triangle footprint provides balance even when it’s not moving. And the three disc braking system means it requires far less braking space, making for an exceptionally fool-proof bike that doesn’t sacrifice style.




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