Honda CB250N / CB400N – clean black cafe racer

Honda CB250N / CB400N – clean black cafe racer

This motorcycle is with custom seat, perfect color and many clear thinks. ..

Cafe Racer 30 July 2015 3 Cafe Racer 30 July 2015

This is the definition of a budget Cafe Racer – very cheap, but look great…

pavkata112 pavkata113



Mercedes Futuristic Motorcycle – for first time…

Mercedes Futuristic Motorcycle – for first time…

mercedes motorcycle

What you mean … it is great idea for this brand and bikes?

V8 Motorcycle

Coulda had a V8 between your legs? with what looks like a super charger on top… wow… No kickstand needed.

Three Things to Remember in Searching for the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Airmada Thriller

It’s an enjoyable experience to ride a motorcycle. Travel on a two-wheeled vehicle is loved by many folks when going out because it permits them to take a look at the surrounding and make them feel like flying. Nevertheless, accidents are inescapable, thus self protection is always important similar to riding in any types of vehicle. In that case, a motorcycle helmet has utilitarian use. It serves as a protective gear in the event of head-pavement collisions. You will also be protected against flying elements when making use of it. So, your own head protector is your direct surrounding throughout your ride.

1. There are different brands, colors, sizes and shapes of helmets that you can buy on the market. It’s for you to choose which one you would go for. Motorcycle head protectors are heavy and bulky however, which is why using them could be a hassle on your side. Thus, you should be wary when you make a choice for protective headgear. The most comfortable one to wear and the one that can suit your head well must be your option.

2. An excellent fit is certainly a essential thing to consider when choosing a helmet. You ought to know the precise size of your head to ensure a perfect fit on your head. Additionally, the shape of the helmet might be impacted by a few factors. These include the materials utilized in cushioning as well as the padding itself. Prior to purchasing a motorcycle headgear, it is essential to know its fits first. Make sure that the helmet does not turn simply when you move your head. Seek another choice, make certain it’s a comfy fit on your head. When you opt for a bad fitting helmet, less protection is anticipated. Helmets are offered in huge numbers. The most ideal head protector to you must be your choice, and so it must be given in a cheap amount.

Airmada Thriller Airmada Thriller

3. Be aware of the form of your motorcycle before choosing which helmet to use. There are many types of motorcycle head protectors. A full face helmet contains a protective visor which helps you in shielding your face and eyes from bugs and debris, and this is best to utilize for high speed bikers. The best choice for off-roaders is the motocross helmet. Even though it has no face shield, it still has commonalities with the full-face type. Therefore, riders have to use a set of goggles in order to shield their eyes. The best kind of motorcycle riding protection gear for short distances is a half helmet. It is popular with the motorcycle enthusiasts as it won’t cover the whole face, just the top and the sides of the head. Some of these units come with a visor and face shield. However, this product can easily come off in an incident.

Like any products, there are helmets that fail to match the expectations for safety (See more about safety standards here). Find the best motorcycle helmet that has an approved safety seal given by the authorized firm. This way, you can be certain that it is made of premium quality materials. Since we are referring to your safety, you must spend some time to find the best type of head protector. If you have these points taken into consideration, you can reduce the damages in an accident. Therefore, there’s nothing to bother with as you hit the road.

Honda cb900f bol dor cafe racer by Andrea Goldemann

Honda cb900f bol dor cafe racer by Andrea Goldemann
More about Cafe Racer\The term café racer (/ˈkæf reɪsər/ KAF-ray-sər or less commonly /ˈkæfi ˌreɪsər/ KA-fi-RAY-sər) developed among British motorcycle enthusiasts of the early 1960s, specifically the Rocker (or ton-up boy) subculture,better source neededThe term describes a style of motorcycle for quick rides from one “transport café” or coffee bar to another.Cafe Racers were also common in Italy, France and other European countries.

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

He is creative, amazing, shiny. It is unique and cosmic vision. This is futulistichniya model Ferrari motorcycles
Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

He is creative, amazing, shiny. It is unique and cosmic vision. This is futuristic model Ferrari motorcycles…

Find and Porsche Motorcycle on our database

Batman Motorcycle 2014

Batman Motorcycle
Batman Motorcycle

One unique motorcycle. If you want to experience the future t o this bike will take you right there.
Perfect design, beautifull style and muscular spoiler and tires.

XS650 Chopper REDO – Japanese Bike

XS650 Chopper REDO - Japanese Bikes, Build Threads & How-To’s
XS650 Chopper REDO – Unique Japaneese motorcycle
Many people believe that the Japanese can not make choppers, but in reviewing this machine shows they’re wrong!

HONDA CX500 Custom



Kustom Research who is specialized in custom cafe racers turns a Honda CX500 also know as the ‘Plastic Maggot’ into an beautiful custom bike. We’ve seen a lot of guys using the futuristic 80s bike as a starting point of their cafe racer building project. Because it’s cheap and readily available, and look at the result. This ride is stunning with a attention to every detail. More on official web site:

Lou Cypher – Unique Custom Motorcycle

This motorcycle is the most beautiful handmade muscle bike…
Wolf in Big Dog