Kawasaki Custom by Tertius Buys

1979 KZ 1300 Kawasaki Bored to 1372 Equipped with 330 rear wheel and 160 front. Work done by Tertius from Bix Six Customizing www.1300kawasaki.com – from Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandella Bay), South Africa…

The Kawasaki Z1300 was manufactured in several versions, namely: Z1300, KZ1300, ZG1300 and ZN1300.

The Z1300 featured six cylinders, water cooling, and shaft drive as standard equipment. During its ten year production run, fuelling was switched from carburetors to electronic fuel injection and suspension was upgraded to air systems front and rear. Fuel injection system was adopted primarily to improve fuel consumption, but a by-product was increased power and torque.

Although its straight-six engine was smooth, the motorcycle was heavy, expensive and thirsty, and the Z1300 sold poorly, particularly in Europe. When released, its output in excess of 120 hp (89 kW) prompted new laws in the EU limiting horsepower.

In the U.S., the model was equipped with a windshield, suitcase, and a redesigned frame. This new model was called “Voyager”. In Europe, the traditional model was still available. The last 200 models (built in America as all Z1300 models were), built in 1989, have been called “Legendary Six”, and were equipped with a special logo on the fuel tank to show that to the public. After a ten-year production run, Kawasaki’s first and only liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine bowed out in 1989 after 20,000 KZ1300/Z1300 models and 4,500 Voyager models had been produced.

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