Dragon King Valkyrie – Batman’s motorcycle

If Batman ever needed an updated Bettsikle, we would unanimously advised him to call guys from the studio Whitehouse of Japan. They got the usual stock Honda Valkyrie, and then used all his skills and abilities tvorchesskie to turn a popular bike in the Dragon King (Dragon King).

Batman's bike




After remaking the weight of 295 kilograms of motorbike. Thanks to designers who put their heart and soul into the bike, he began to look extremely menacing. The redesign was in the unusual combination of color and eye-catching details. Craftsmen from Whitehous of Japan changed the amount of seating up to 73 centimeters and reconfigure the engine: The six-cylinder engine with a single camshaft produces 100 horsepower and 132 lb.-ft. of torque. On any speed records out of the question due to the massive and heavy engine, but it is not necessary. After all, the owners of motorcycles of this type, as Dragon King, is not usually get pleasure from the dizzying speeds, and from the enthusiastic and even envious looks on the street.

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