Bike of Mika Knuuttila

I´m a 53 year old bachelor. Living in Finland,in a city called
Naantali (Finnish Miami Beach!ie.winters grey). I have two boys 16 and
26+two ladies 14 and 25. Retired due to right shoulders wreck. So i
bike in summers and by old Mercedes in winter.I do only short cruises
with my bike, but it´s great entertainment when the sun shines. Here
in south-west cost is a lot to see for bikers.Lots of islands and
ferries!Unique in the world! Welcome from central Europe through
Denmark, Sweden and then by Cruiser Grace (started cruising in
January!) from Stockholm to Turku,from there 25km to Naantali. Finland
is a country with 6000 lakes, and in winter, especially in Christmas
(from where the original/real Santa Claus starts giving presents to
all over the World!). There in Northern Pole is three months in winter
without sun!
My Bike is a Suzuki GSX-R750 ym.93 in a good shape.Tickled 130hp
measured from wheel!It´s cruising range is app.200km (if You drive
with speed limits up to 120km/h in motorways).It´s coloured
white-blue-red according to RR(what for GSX-R -series is originally
made and succeeded in late eighties and beg.of ninghties!)
-colouring!It´s measured in Alastaro race track 0-100mph in 6,5sec!But
due to my age i´m planning to save money for a Harley!
Good cruising and beautiful sunshine from Finland to You!

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