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Honda Tiger Revo – bike of Crhis

My name is Chris……I love to modified all the motorbike. I’m very interesting with speed lover, muscle machine. Information about my machine: Capacity 210 cc Keihin CR mx 39 mm 6 clutch house This bike is  power and great …  

Hyosung 2013 GT650R EFI

Hyosung 2013 GT650R EFI Cutting edge chassis, superb brakes, excellent stability and pinpoint accuracy; welcome to the high-performance division of Hyosung. A motorcycle that begs to be ridden the long way home. The GT650R is now fitted with EFI for performance, smooth running, low emissions and easy starting. Australia’s best selling 650cc Super Sport bike. […]

Bike of Mika Knuuttila

I´m a 53 year old bachelor. Living in Finland,in a city called Naantali (Finnish Miami Beach!ie.winters grey). I have two boys 16 and 26+two ladies 14 and 25. Retired due to right shoulders wreck. So i bike in summers and by old Mercedes in winter.I do only short cruises with my bike, but it´s great […]

Trimove – Futuristic Concept

Trimove is a Futuristic Concept that doesn’t look like ordinary motorbikes. It uses electromechanical technology which helps any complex movement in any part of body or wheel. Because of the three wheels placed in a triangular shape, it keeps the balance when it doesn’t move. The bike has 2 LCD that let the drivers have […]

Triumph Speed Triple Matte Black

My name is António Fernandes, here is my triumph speed triple matte black, hope it can be good enough to post on your facebook page, please choose the pics you like the most here is the list of extras and mods: -Ohlins rear shock Tr807 -Olhins steering damper -Complete Ohlins front gas charged superbike suspension […]