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Saline Airstream Streamliner – Motorcycle on compressed air

Recently, manufacturers of motorcycle engines often talk about alternative sources of energy, but very little about the engines on compressed air. This technology is under development for several years in the late 90’s we saw the first car. The prototype runs on air, but so far no major car brands did not dare to invest […]

Yamaha TZ6 Classic Racer

Italian designer Oberdan Betstsi (Oberdan Bezzi) in honor of the 50th anniversary of the participation of Yamaha in Grand Prix motorcycle concept developed Yamaha TZ6 Classic Racer. The concept is a tribute to the legendary machines TZ 350 and 250, which the Japanese company brought many victories. The basis Oberdan Betstsi took Yamaha YZF-R6 – […]

Concept KTM SuperDuke 1200 R

Industrial designer Mirko Sapio (Mirco Sapio) developed the concept of motorcycle KTM SuperDuke 1200 R. The guy was inspired by the original motorcycle KTM SuperDuke, adding something of his own and several unique features of the 990 Superduke 2005-2006. The idea is interesting, the design of the bike turned out fairly aggressive: neyked, cantilever swingarm, […]

Harley-Davidson Rizoma

Rizoma – a well-known brand, produces a variety of motorcycle accessories and spare parts. Much attention they pay to motorcycles Harley-Davidson. In particular in this post suggest to estimate the motorcycle Harley-Davidson Sportster eyes Rizoma. In the tuning kit includes a mirror, handles, fuel cap, air filter, and many other items. There are 4 generic […]

Honda sporty – futuristic cross concept

Two models HONDA motorcycle consept design. Few manufacturers pay attention to future crosses on motorcycles! We decided to do a check and found that there is a great model – Honda Sporty

Futuristic Bicycles – great design and ideas

Bicycles are the future! It sure – clean, no fuel costs, make us healthy – Exercise daily through them! Here is a great collection of velosibedi the future.

BMW K 1300 S – The new champion of the sport-touring class.

The new champion of the sport-touring class. On the one hand – an athlete with a “blast rod” on the other – a reliable transport for daily use. On the one hand – the avant-garde aerodynamics and a powerful sound that synthesizes the production of adrenaline, c the other – an exemplary low fuel consumption […]

Buell City X XB9SX

Buell City X XB9SX model 2009   The motorcycle will be in three color schemes, as mentioned earlier – all-black color scheme, as well as the other two – with elements made ​​in the blue and red colors. For “transparent cherry bomb”, that’s the name of this color scheme, or for the “heroic blue” coloring […]

Rieju Mius lectric concept

Rieju Mius lectric concept RIEJU presents an alternative for individual transport. MIUS 3.0 is a large -wheel electric scooter, sturdy and lightweight. Zero CO2 emissions. Its platform is flat, providing access to board and transport small objects. The ergonomics are tailored to users of all sizes. Lightweight (95 kg) with a disc braking system on […]

Rieju RS3 125

True sports character combined with Rieju’s technology in an attractive 125 cc motorcycle. Equipped with the best engine in the category, the Yamaha-Minarelli, 6 speed Liquid Cooled and four valves pushing 15 CV of real power to take you to the max. Hi specification components assembled on an all new dual perimeter steel chassis, a […]